Privacy Policy

To all our Guests and Customers: 

The primary purpose of this Privacy Notice is to comply with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals (hereinafter the "Law"). 

For the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”  it is vitally important to carry out a legitimate, safe, controlled and informed treatment of your personal data so it is our commitment to maintain at all times your right to privacy and the right to information self-determination.  

How to contact us : For everything related to the processing and protection of your personal data, you can contact our Privacy Officer by sending an email to the following address: or submit a written request at our offices, attaching a copy of the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” your current official identification or, if you are a moral person, attach a copy of the legal representative's power of attorney and a copy of your official identification, addressed to: "Privacy Officer". 


The “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” requests the personal data of its Guests for the purpose of: (i)  identifying them,  (ii)  booking a room and/or staying at the hotel; (iii)  track and attend to guest reservations,  (iv)  confirm reservations; (v)  know if special attention is needed for people with disabilities or those with some specific diet,   (vi)  and regarding the concierge: the objective is that our company has the necessary data to book, on the guest’s behalf, tours or restaurants external to the hotel,  (vii)   offer them the different products and / or services that are available to them, (viii) consultation and verification of the data and information granted by the guest,  (ix) keep a record of people who visit our facilities for any reason to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and visitors,  (x)  for marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting purposes, including promotions and discounts that may be sent to you if deemed to be of interest. Guests are also informed that the purposes that gave rise to the existence of the legal relationship are those set out in subparagraphs (i) to (iv), and those that will serve the maintenance and/or fulfilment of the obligations arising from the legal relationship will be those contained in subparagraphs (v) to (x). 

Through this Privacy Notice, the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”  guarantees the right of its Guests to express their refusal for the processing of their personal data in relation to the purposes set out above and those that the Guest considers not necessary for the legal relationship, for which the Guest must inform  the  “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” about his/her refusal at the time when  the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” make available this Privacy Notice, understood that the express consent that the Guest grants at the time this Privacy Notice is given is a signal of its conformity, without prejudice to its right to revoke the consent that it has previously granted or to exercise its right to object to the processing of your data in terms of the applicable provisions, rights that in any case will be guaranteed by  the  “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”. 


The “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” collects the data of its Guests (i) in a personal manner, (ii) through its website, and by electronic means, (iii) through authorized third parties; or (iv) by any other means permitted by law. The data that “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” collects from its Guests are processed through appropriate technical, administrative, and digital means to protect your information. The data of the Guests    of the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” receive a secret and confidential treatment by the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”, who takes for this purpose the necessary measures to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access. 

For its part, the Guest declares that his/her data are accurate, authentic, complete and are the responsibility of the Guest who provides it, so he/she releases the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” from any related responsibility in this regard. The data that Guests freely and voluntarily provide to the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” include: identification data, data regarding their health status, property and bank details, video images recorded with or without the Guest's sound. 

As part of the security measures that “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” implements in its facilities, it will take video recording, with or without sound, during the time when the facilities are open to the public. The images and/or sounds that may be captured by video surveillance cameras will be used to safeguard the safety of other guests, customers, suppliers and people who are on site. 


Guests will be responsible for the accuracy, veracity, authenticity, and validity of their data. Guests    of  the  “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”   have the right to (i) access the personal data that was collected from them, (ii)  to rectify their data, if these are inaccurate or incomplete,  (iii)  to cancel their data when they are not necessary for any of the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice and legally appropriate, and  (iv)   to object to the processing of such data, in terms of the Law and the applicable provisions in this area. 


At any time the Guest may inform the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS ” of his determination to revoke the consent that has previously been granted for the processing of personal data in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, so that  the  “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”    stops making use of them and provided that the consent that is intended to be revoked does not derive from a contractual legal relationship or operation agreed with the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”, that the law allows it or that has been expressly agreed between  the  “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” and the Guest. In all cases, the revocation of consent shall not have retroactive effects. The means and procedures for making this effective are mentioned below. 


Guests of the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” may exercise their ARCO rights and revoke their consent for the processing of their personal data, through the respective request, which may be obtained free of charge at the offices of  the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” and must be given to the Legal Representative or to an official proxy by the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”. Such request shall indicate the requirements and procedure for the exercise of ARCO rights and/or for the revocation of consent for the processing of your personal data, which is described below: Received the request by the Legal Representative or official proxy from  the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” duly required and once the identity of the Guest (owner of the personal data) is established or the legal representation thereof through the current official identification and power of the legal representative (same that will be attached to the file), an acknowledgement of receipt will be given to the Guest. Upon receipt of the request, the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” will respond in writing to it within 20 (twenty) calendar days. The response will be made available to the Guest at the office of the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” where the application was filed, within the period indicated above. If appropriate, the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” will comply with the request within 15 (fifteen) calendar days after the date of response of the Guest's request. 


Where the processing of your personal data does not refer to those necessary to comply with a legal or contractual obligation (fulfillment of legal obligations arising from the legal relationship between the Guest and “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS”), the Guest shall have the right to request from the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” the limitation on the use and / or disclosure of his data through the request that  the “ELEMENTS BY MARQUIS” will provide you.